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Our experience shows that the only accurate way to demonstrate the true impact of the back support system is to observe the system at work in your own field of operation and labor. Further, it is important we use your standard measurement methods and historical data on individual workers as a base line reference to observe the results. You select the workers to participate in the test group who will work along side workers not utilizing the support system. By using your own work measurement data you will see the productivity increases realized by this support system. Therefore, ErgoAg offers this unique field trial program to your organization.

  1. ErgoAg will supply your company with a minimum of 10 back support systems at a substantially reduced price for the sole purpose of the field trial. The trial duration shall be for a period of two working weeks.
  2. The first day will be set aside from the trial to allow ErgoAg staff to make any adjustments deemed necessary in order to assure that the system properly fits each participant and participants are familiar with the product, in order to achieve maximum comfort and productivity.
  3. ErgoAg will meet with field personnel after one full week of the trial to answer any questions and to assure that the test group is properly using the support system and any adjustments.
  4. Upon completion of the two week trial your management team will then compare the performance results of the past two weeks using the back support system of each participant to their normal work performance without using the system. Your company and ErgoAg will discuss the findings of those results.
  5. If the performance of the test group is not significantly improved over the past performance of the participants, ErgoAg will extend an offer to return all support systems and issue a refund.
  6. If individual performance levels are significantly increased then ErgoAg will discuss supplying the back support system for all field work within your organization.

ErgoAg is committed to increasing field work performance, productivity, and safety through the effective use of ergonomic products. By designing systems to extend actual work time during the same eight-hour shift and protecting the lower back true economic gains are realized.


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